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Skilled Representation In Your Unsafe Premise Case

One person’s careless decision not to mop the floor or control their pet can result in a serious injury to you or a loved one. Accidents such as these often lead to unexpected medical bills, missed time at work and stress from the sudden influx of expenses.

If you’re dealing with an injury as a result of a slip and fall or unsecured and unsafe premise, call us today. Here at James E. Bruce, Jr., Attorney at Law, our attorney fights diligently to help our clients get compensation for the care they need after an accident.

What Can Make A Property Unsafe?

Leaky pipes, ice, an unleashed dog or free-roaming cat and a variety of other situations can quickly render an area unsafe.

Some common examples of this can include:

  • Wet floors with no caution signs to warn you at the store
  • An injury caused by defective rides at a water or amusement park
  • A bite from an unrestrained dog or cat in your neighborhood
  • Broken railings or dilapidated stairs in your apartment building
  • Poor or lack of security leading to a robbery or break-in

If the property managers or pet owners don’t monitor the situation properly or decide not to take action to create a safe environment, it is you or your loved ones who end up suffering.

Don’t Let Their Carelessness Be Your Consequence

Attorney James E. Bruce Jr. knows that a premise liability injury has the potential to derail your life entirely, so when you come to him, he puts your needs first. A fall caused by someone else’s negligence is not fair to you, and you should not have to pay the consequences for someone else’s mistake. Let us help you get the justice your injury deserves today.

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