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Spousal maintenance, also referred to as spousal support, is the legal term in Kentucky for what was formerly known as alimony. This is money paid by one spouse to another after a divorce. How much spousal maintenance will be paid? That question varies based on the specifics of each case. At the law firm of James E. Bruce, Jr., Attorney at Law, we will carefully review your divorce case and help you negotiate the right amount of spousal maintenance.

Our spousal maintenance representation is available to people in Hopkinsville and the surrounding parts of Kentucky, including military personnel at Fort Campbell Army Base.

When Spousal Maintenance is an Issue in Divorce

Keep in mind that not all divorce cases involve spousal maintenance. If the marriage was relatively short or if both spouses are on equal footing in terms of income, spousal maintenance may not be an issue. On the other hand, the end of a 20-year marriage in which one spouse stayed at home to raise children instead of pursuing a career while the other served as the breadwinner is likely to result in spousal maintenance payments.

With more than 30 years of experience on our side, we pride ourselves in providing realistic case assessments to the people we represent. If your case is unlikely to involve spousal maintenance, we will make that clear to you from the very beginning.

Kentucky Spousal Maintenance and Property Division Lawyer

The issues involved in a divorce are not resolved in isolation. They are all closely related. In the case of spousal maintenance, the amounts involved are often negotiated side by side with the way property will be distributed. Ultimately, we want to get the best outcome for you.

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