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Working For Grandparents’ Rights

The state of Kentucky acknowledges that grandparents play an important role in the lives of children. Grandparents have the right to be a part of their grandchildren’s lives. If, for any reason, that right is not being respected and they have been cut off from their grandchildren, the law firm of James E. Bruce, Jr., Attorney at Law, can help. Have you been cut off from seeing your grandson or granddaughter? We are here for you.

We bring more than 30 years of experience to grandparents in Hopkinsville and the surrounding parts of Kentucky, including military personnel at Fort Campbell Army Base.

Child Custody or Visitation?

While grandparents may be able to seek custody in extreme situations, more often than not, they are seeking grandchildren visitation arrangements. For example, if you have had a falling out with your child and, as a result, your child has taken steps to keep your grandchild away from you, it may be possible to seek a court order granting you visitation time.

How much visitation time will you have? That depends on the circumstances of your case. If your grandchild’s parents are divorced and your grandchild’s time is already being split between them, it may be challenging to get a large amount of time. If you live far away or are in the military, matters may be further complicated. We will review your case and work hard to get you the most time with the grandchild you care so much about.

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