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Your Attorney for Medical Bill and Lost Wage Recovery

No matter where in or around Hopkinsville the motor vehicle accident took place, whether you are a civilian or a member of the military stationed at Fort Campbell Army Base, one of your most pressing questions is: “How am I going to get compensation for medical bills and lost wages?” At the law firm of James E. Bruce, Jr., Attorney at Law, we have your answer.

Compensation Starts With a PIP Claim

Personal injury protection (PIP) allows you to get some compensation from your own insurance company to relieve some of the immediate burdens caused by the Kentucky car, truck or motorcycle accident. We will help you file your PIP claim at no additional cost.

Unfortunately, PIP is limited. While the compensation you get will help, it will not be much. When we pursue your actual personal injury claim, our goal is to make certain that it results in enough compensation to cover all lost wages and medical bills, not only the ones you have already accumulated, but the ones you may have in the future because of the auto accident.

How Much Compensation?

When you take your car to a mechanic because it is running poorly, you do not expect the mechanic to provide you a quote until after he has looked under the hood. Similarly, we will only be able to tell you how much compensation you are entitled to after you have been properly treated by your doctor and we have thoroughly reviewed your case. We do not want to charge forward in pursuit of compensation for broken bones, only to find out too late that you had a much more severe injury lingering in the background. The law does not allow us to go back for additional personal injury compensation.

With more than 30 years of successful experience on our side, we take great care to make certain that the compensation we get for you is sufficient to cover all your accident-related needs.

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Call 270-632-4477 or send an e-mail to schedule a consultation with an experienced Hopkinsville medical bills and lost wages lawyer. We accept accident cases on a contingency basis, which means we receive our fees after you have received your compensation.