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We Can Help After A Pedestrian Accident

One minute you’re taking an evening stroll, the next your head is pounding, and you’ve landed on the pavement after being hit by a car. Accidents in which cars crash into pedestrians and bicyclists are more common than many people think. In most crosswalks, people walking on foot or riding bicycles have the right-of-way, yet drivers who are distracted or speeding may miss someone trying to cross the road.

If you or someone you loved was hurt after being hit by a vehicle, call James E. Bruce, Jr., Attorney at Law, today. We are dedicated to helping families and individuals move forward after an injury like this disrupts their lives.

The Insurance Company Isn’t On Your Side

After a personal injury accident, your insurance company will likely offer you a low settlement, and they may even pressure you into taking it. But before you agree to anything, speak with a knowledgeable attorney first. The symptoms of your injuries may not be apparent until days or weeks after your accident, and if you’ve already agreed to a settlement amount that won’t cover those unexpected hospital bills, you’ll be stuck paying them.

With our decades of experience, we understand how insurance companies work, and we know that their ultimate concern is their bottom line. That’s why we do what we do. We’re passionate about fighting for the injured party and making sure victims like you or your loved ones get the resources they need to recover.

Call To Speak With An Attorney Who Puts You First

Since 1981, our firm has diligently served the community in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and continues to do so with pride. We know how much an injury can cost, for this reason we are devoted to helping those who have been injured in an accident get enough compensation to move forward with their lives without fear.

When you work with our firm, you can have the peace of mind to know that you’re being represented by a lawyer who will put your needs first. Reach out to us for a free consultation today. Call 270-632-4477 or send us a message online to get started.