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Insurance companies are in business to make money. When a claim is made against a policy holder after a serious accident, insurers are reluctant to pay any more than they absolutely have to. In order to reduce claim payouts, insurance companies train claims adjusters in “cost reduction” techniques that include everything from settling a claim as quickly as possible, to convincing injury victims to provide incriminating statements, to acquiring vehicle wreckage in order to destroy it before trial. Additionally, most insurance companies use “Colossus,” a software program that allows claims adjusters to estimate damages. In short, insurance companies employ a number of tactics intended to reduce costs, increase profits, and confuse and mislead injury victims.

However, once you hire a car accident lawyer to represent you, insurers are required to talk to your attorney and stop contacting you directly. As your attorney, James E. Bruce protects your rights and financial interests. If you’ve been injured in a car wreck, contact the law office of James E. Bruce today and schedule a free consultation.

The Problems With Colossus – How Your Injury Is Evaluated

Colossus is a computer program that allows an insurance agent to plug in values for certain cost variables such as car damage, emergency room costs, surgery, and other expenses. The program then calculates a settlement offer based on the information provided. The problem with Colossus however, is twofold: first, the estimate it provides will depend on what variables or information is entered into it; secondly, it does not take in account pain and suffering and loss in quality of life associated with your injuries.

As a result, claim estimates determined by Colossus reflect only those costs deemed relevant by a claims adjuster to the exclusion of pain and suffering and loss in quality of life. Additionally, Colossus can only provide an estimate based on an average of verdicts and settlements similar to the variables entered. Consequently, even if one assumes the variables entered are accurate, your costs could be greater if your injuries take longer to heal, if your lost wages are substantial, or if you injuries lead to complications.

Why Hiring An Attorney Can Make A Difference

Insurance companies are interested in controlling how a claim is handled and settled from start to finish. They prefer to tell injury victims what they believe they need to know in order to convince them to accept an offer in the best interests of the insurance company. However, once an attorney gets involved, they no longer “call the shots.”

A car accident lawyer will investigate the cause of an accident, hire medical expert witnesses if necessary , consult economists and life care planners, and prepare a case establishing the full financial impact on a car accident victim — and THAT is the last thing an insurance company wants.

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Our office understands how insurance companies operate and the tactics they use to reduce claim payment amounts. We protect your rights and demand nothing less than a fair settlement for ALL of your costs — medical, earnings, and pain and suffering. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, contact car accident attorney James E. Bruce today.

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