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Dividing Retirement Benefits Fairly During A Divorce

Physical property is difficult enough to divide in a divorce, but distributing 401(K)s, pensions and other substantial monetary assets can be incredibly challenging. In the event of a marital dissolution, it is important to work with a legal advocate who will make sure all of your assets, including your retirement and investment accounts, are divided fairly.

Here at James E. Bruce, Jr., Attorney at Law, we have decades of experience analyzing the facts and evaluating the financial aspects of divorces. Our attorney has the skills to help advocate for your needs and deliver meaningful results that can make a difference in the next stage of your life. Trust us to help you secure post-divorce stability today.

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Our firm’s priority throughout the discussions around dividing your property is to find efficient and effective solutions that are in your best interests. We know that you’ve worked hard to contribute to your retirement accounts, and you deserve to enjoy everything you’ve earned.

Dividing retirement assets may come with unexpected tax consequences, but our firm is familiar with local tax laws and regulations. This allows us to make sure your rights and assets are protected as much as possible. Let us be your knowledgeable partners throughout every stage of your divorce proceedings.

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When it comes to dividing your property in a divorce, you need an attorney with experience distributing even the most complicated financial assets. Rely on us to help you get the resources and support necessary to start this next chapter in your life.

With 30 years of practice in Kentucky, our attorney considers it his mission to help the people of Hopkinsville and surrounding communities. To learn more about what he and our firm can do for you, call us at 270-632-4477 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation today.