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Consider different types of shared custody arrangements

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Child Custody & Visitation |

If you are like many parents in Kentucky who evenly share physical custody, you are probably only aware of one way to divide the time between parents. You are likely contemplating or already have the schedule where the children spend a week with one parent and then a week with the other parent. However, this may not end up being what is best for the children and could also present logistical challenges.

The negative effects on the children

Children have enough of a hard time in a divorce that they do not need additional obstacles. People do not properly estimate the damage that saying goodbye to one parent for a week at a time can do to a child. It can cause separation anxiety, for example. If it does not provoke anxiety, it can create a distance between the child and one or both parents. This adds more stress to a child’s life when their parents separating is stressful enough.

The logistical challenges of alternating weeks

If you do not have a good relationship with the other spouse, you need to know that alternating weeks will require that you are in contact with them more often. This schedule can also present difficulties with your employment since you may need some flexibility with your work hours to be there for the children when necessary. As a result, many experts now recommend that you should rotate the children more often while still splitting custody time in half.

This type of custody schedule may require some negotiation with the other spouse. It is not always easy to get someone else to accept a way of thinking that might be new for them. A child custody lawyer may be able to handle communication with the other side in the hopes of working out an agreement. If not, the attorney may be able to represent you in court as you seek the judge’s determination of the best interests of the children.