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5 reasons why you shouldn’t trust an insurance company

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2022 | Personal Injury |

In the aftermath of your car accident, you’re probably struggling to find a way forward. The physical pain that has been dealt to you is likely overwhelming and affecting your ability to live your day-to-day life, and the financial ramifications of your wreck may have you on the brink of ruin. All of this can take an emotional toll on you, too.

That’s why so many car accident victims are quick to settle their cases with their insurance company or the insurance company of another driver who was responsible for the accident in question. But it’s important to remember that none of these insurance companies are your friend.

Reasons why the insurance company is not your friend

 There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t trust an insurance company. But let’s take a look at just a few of them here so that you know what to look out for as you navigate your claim.

  • Insurance companies want to make money: Insurance companies are businesses, and as such their primary goal is to make money. They do this, of course, by collecting premiums. But if they’re forced to pay out claims for all damages suffered by their policy holders, then they can’t maximize their profits. Therefore, these insurance companies are financially motivated to either deny your claim or settle for less than what your legal claim is worth.
  • Adjusters sometimes use sneaky tactics: You should also be aware that insurance adjusters oftentimes act friendly as a way to coax you into saying something that can be used against you in the claims process or in your personal injury So, regardless of how nice one of these adjusters may seem, remember that he or she works for someone who is out to pay you as little as possible for your injuries.
  • Insurance companies are savvy negotiators: As you head into settlement negotiations, remember that the insurance company is really good at negotiating. Therefore, they’re going to use phrases that are aimed at getting you to agree to their terms. So, be prepared for them to say that they’re giving you their best offer or that they can’t go any higher. This isn’t true, and you should be prepared to argue that.
  • An insurance company might try to record your statement: This is a sneaky tactic used by insurance companies to try to lock you into a position that they can then use against you at a later time. So, avoid giving any sort of statement to the insurance company without consulting with your attorney first. Talking to an insurance company during a time when your emotions are running high can be dangerous to your claim.
  • The insurance company won’t be forthcoming: Remember that the insurance company is trying to position itself for success from the outset of your case. Therefore, they’re not going to tell you everything that they know. So, don’t make your decisions based solely on what the insurance company is telling you.

Have a strong legal advocate on your side

 If you don’t properly navigate your personal injury case, then you could be at risk of losing out on the compensation that you need for financial stability and a full recovery. That’s a risk that you don’t want to take. To prevent that from happening, consider working closely with an experienced and proven personal injury attorney who will zealously advocate for you every step of the way.