Turn to Us in Cases of Domestic Assault

Domestic violence cases have two faces: In the criminal law arena, there is the charge of domestic violence or domestic assault. In the civil law arena, there is the domestic violence order, often referred to as a restraining order or protection order. You need an experienced lawyer to stand by your side in both cases.

Defense in All Aspects of Your Domestic Violence Case

At the law firm of James E. Bruce, Jr., Attorney at Law, we defend against the criminal charge and the domestic violence order. Defending against the domestic violence order is important, because this order can force you out of your home and away from your children. These start when someone seeks an emergency protection order. That is a temporary order that stays in place until a hearing is held. At that hearing, a judge decides whether domestic violence has occurred and is likely to occur again. If the judge decides it has, the domestic violence order will be issued, which can last up to three years. We strive to prevent these orders from being issued, or to minimize their repercussions if they are issued.

Of course, we also defend against the criminal charge of domestic violence, protecting you from the life-changing repercussions that come with a conviction. We have more than 30 years of experience representing people in domestic violence cases in Hopkinsville and the surrounding parts of Kentucky, including military personnel at Fort Campbell Army Base.

False Allegations of Domestic Violence

We frequently represent people who have been falsely accused of domestic violence. One spouse will frequently accuse the other of this serious crime in an attempt to get the upper hand in a divorce or another family law dispute. We know how to deal with these issues, because we handle both criminal defense and family law.

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